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Kermit Goes Hollywood (1989)Edit

The 1989 Logo Is Still.

A Muppet Christmas Movie (1997)Edit

The 1989 Logo Is Seen, But Kermit Wears A Santa Hat.

Kermit's House of Room Cafe (1998-2004, TV Series)Edit

The 1997 Jim Henson Television Logo Plays With the 1985 WDTV Theme

Golden Test (1999-2006, TV Series)Edit

Same As Kermit's House Of Room Cafe, But Clearer.

The Great Muppet Caper 2: Worldwide Muppets (1989)Edit

The 1989 logo plays, But the logo is made out of vaurious stuff and looks cheap.

The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made! (2001)Edit

Same as the GMC2: WM version, But it has a Old Timey Film look.

Sid The Science Kid: The Movie (2011)Edit

Same as the Jim Henson Television logo from all Bear in the Big Blue House episodes, but this time it reads "PRODUCTIONS". Also, the copyright byline says "MMXI"

Kermit's Funhouse Club (2009-present TV Series)Edit

The 1989 Jim Henson Productions logo is used

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